Plastic Modular Link Belts

Our range includes: All-In-One plastic belts for combination radius and straight conveyors (available in various pitches) and also available for spiral applications, solid top and vent top plastic belts, heavy duty and curved top belts, fluid flow belts, thermoplastic chain along with wear strips and raceways. The belts are available in various materials suitable for every application. Materials available are; polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon or acetal and some are available in several different colours depending on the material required.
Additional options are available in several of the belt types such as rollers for applications that require accumulation of product without crushing, flights, high friction inserts to enable product to be conveyed up inclines without flights (especially effective in bakeries when conveying pies, waffles & rolls, packaged products and cases) and curved tops for easier transfers


Other Types of Belting

We also stock and supply a full range of other types of belting including:

Flat rubber belting
Wire belts and drives
Solid PUR belts including round belts
PVC mesh belts
Special customer specific belts
Non-stick belts
Bend conveyor belts
Vacuum belts
Elasticated belting

Accessories and Service

We can offer a full range of conveyor and drive accessories to suit all your needs, these include:
24 hour on site vulcanising service
Special fabrications
Belt fasteners and lacings
Rollers and drive drums
Timing Pulleys
Wear strips
Modular belt drive sprockets
Belt bend conveyors
Gravity roller conveyors
Roller covering