High Performance Flat Belts

Our high performance flat belts are a range of power transmission belts and tapes manufactured to exact standards using high quality materials.
All power transmission belts are based on a high strength, yet flexible, polyamide core giving excellent transfer of power. The belts are virtually elongation free and therefore only require minor re-tensioning after the initial run in and very little thereafter. The belts can be kept extremely thin due to their high strength, allowing them to be suitable for applications with small diameters. All high performance flat belts are permanently anti-static and are produced to the closest possible of tolerances.
We offer many different coatings to suit every application including; synthetic rubber, chrome leather, polyurethane, fabric etc. All types are available in various thicknesses and strengths.

Synchronous Belts & Drives

We can supply all your synchronous drive belting needs. We offer the full range of moulded PUR & Rubber timing and drive belts along with poly vee sections and special toothed profiles such as RPP / Panther ranges. PUR timing belts are available with steel reinforcements as standard or Kevlar.
A complete range of extruded thermoplastic PUR are available with reinforcements in steel as standard or Kevlar and also stainless steel. This range is available in open lengths for linear applications or can be jointed to any length as required.
Extruded belts are available with additional PUR on the top surface with moulded tracking strips and coverings of fabric on the teeth or top of the timing belt.





Covered Belting Range

All your covered belt requirements can be supplied by VSW and Belting Solutions. We can cover virtually any type of basebelt with a single (or series of different covers) to give the required characteristics such as; better grip, longer life, tolerance to irregularities and cushioning or protection against aggressive profiles / wear resistance or special applications such as draw down belts or plastic extrusion haul off belts.
Coverings available include; cellular rubbers, natural rubbers, silicon, polyurethane and many more in several hardness's and in open or closed cellular structures.
We can offer profiled and or slotted belts with complex profiles to suit any of your requirements.