PVC / PU Conveyor Belts

PVC /PU Conveyor belts are used in most conveying applications. Our extensive range offers a wide variety of different belt types which enable us to offer the correct belt for your application. PVC / PU belts are available with a number of layers of fabric (Plies) and can be extremely strong, dimensionally stable, troughable, low noise, high wear resistant, food grade (FDA/USDA approved) and antistatic.
PVC /PU belts are available in varying thickness and strengths with many different types of surface profiles to give the belts special characteristics such as; extra grip for conveying up inclines, low friction for accumulation and air pockets for dough release etc.

Special construction options
PVC & PU belts can be fitted with tracking guides , flights, profiles, sidewalls etc to meet the most demanding of your process or conveying needs.

High Temperature Range

We can supply a full, comprehensive range of high temperature belting. Most belts are available with a standard operating range of -100 degF to +550 degF.
Conveyor belts
Belts are available in various weights and widths with superior non-stick and ultra smooth surfaces which are often essential. The belts are non-toxic, tasteless and odourless which makes them ideal for use in food handling as well as;
conveyorised cooking / food handling, conveyorised crisp cooking, over wrappers, tray wrapping and end sealing machines, shrink tunnels, rubber profile extruders and rotary band sealers.
Open Mesh belts
Open mesh belts are available in brown or with a black U.V. block coating in various widths up to 2990mm wide and any length. The resins used in the curing process are chemically inert and the substrate provides exceptional strength and stability. The surface is non-stick with a 70% open area which makes the belting an excellent solution to many drying applications such as;
conveyorised screen print dryers, conveyorised belts for drying textiles, conveyorised belts for re-soldering and ink drying cable braiding.
Special construction options
Belts are available with edge reinforcement, splice protection, tracking & guiding pins, grommets or guides.