Our experienced and skilled personnel from within the group have the depth of technical knowledge required to solve even the most complex of your belting problems.

Vulcanising SW Limited is a leading authorised distributor of belting supplied by major manufacturers. Set up in 1973, VSW has extensive knowledge of all the issues relating to all types of belting problem. Our Head Office is based in Saltash, Cornwall with our Belting Solutions Division based in Whitchurch, Shropshire. We supply all types of conveyor, process and drive belting to a wide range of industrial and commercial operations on a 24 Hour call-out basis.

We pride ourselves on taking our customers’ problems and solving them in the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective way.

All of this information is stored in a belt database at either VSW or Belting Solutions, enabling full details to be at hand when the number is quoted. We also note any special instructions relating to each belt for future reference,e.g. can only be replaced during evenings or weekends or must be vulcanised on site.
Once the audit is complete and the information is on our system, we will provide you with a detailed report of all of your belting specifics

Part of the service offered by VSW & Belting Solutions is a 'free of charge' belt survey. A member of our technical staff will come to your site and measure every belt within your company including tolerances, roller diameters, flights, sidewalls and centre guides where relevant. Each conveyor will then be given a unique code for easy identification and can be used as the order code for that specific belt.


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